Universal car charger


Universal car charger, one adapter is for all your PDAs, MP3 players, Digital Cameras, Camcorder and other portable devices power needs. Power up almost any device using the cigarette lighter in your car.

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Running out of power is an event of the past with this adapter. The unit just plugs into any standard, 12-volt DC vehicle cigarette lighter socket to convert your vehicle’s battery power to 230-volt AC (common household current). Now you can keep PDAs, MP3 players, Digital Cameras, Camcorder and other portable devices and AC appliances powered and operational wherever you go.

This time “universal” actually means something. One adapter is for all your mobile devices power needs. Seven adapter tips match almost any portable multimedia device.

The Power adapter equipped with different connectors and selectable power output to assure compatibility with most models.

  • Charge the battery in the car
  • Input : DC 12V Output : DC 3-12V (Selective)
  • Charging current : Max 2A
  • Power LED indicator
  • Short circuit protection
  • Operated by car power
  • Seven power connectors for different brands’ different models
How to use
  • Select a right charging tip from changeable power connector series.
  • Combine it to a universal connector of PIC-4701.
  • Adjust the voltage of PIC-4701 from 3-12V being suitable for your device.
  • Connect the charging to your device & insert plug-in part of PIC-4701 into the cigarette lighter socket in your car for charging.