Emergency Battery Charger for Nokia, 9V


Emergency Battery Charger (for Nokia, 9V). Now you no longer need to be always charging your mobile phone, even when the battery is still half charged.


The Mobile Phone Emergency Battery Recharger has enough emergency power to provide you about three complete battery recharges – more than enough for almost any time you find yourself with a dead mobile phone battery.

Connect a 9 V battery to the unit, plug it into the charger socket of your mobile phone, and it transfers the charge from its (non-rechargeable) 9 V battery into your mobile phone. Wait a few minutes for your mobile phone to get some fresh charge, then turn your phone on and start using it again. It is as simple as that.

A single 9 V battery has enough life in them to put more than three full charges into the mobile phone’s battery, and that’s surely much more than enough extra talk and standby time to get you back to your regular charger.

  • Use 9 V battery (not included)
  • For Nokia phones