Dane-Elec USB2.0 Pen Drive 512MB Black


Protect even your most sensitive data on Windows-based systems with Dane-Elec USB 2.0 Pen Drive.

Quickly transfer and safely carry digital files wherever your business takes you. Ideal for all types of digital content from multimedia presentations to support files, the DataTraveler Elite eliminates the hassle of burning CDs or carrying floppies without compromising the safety of your valuable data.

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The unique combination of hardware and software-based security on the Pen Drive gives you unprecedented access control and encrypted data protection on Windows-based systems. With DataTraveler Elite’s TravelerSafe+ software you can set password access control for a private data storage area. If lost, this advanced hardware encryption system will continue to protect the data in your privacy zone under the toughest conditions.

Dane-Elec USB2.0 Pen Drive 512 MB Black

  • Compatible with USB revisions 1.1 and 2.0
  • Durable solid state storage
  • Data retention for at least 10 years
  • Data protection Via Password