Car FM transmitter for iPod


Car FM transmitter for iPod. By seamlessly integrating an FM transmission with the versatility of a car power adapter, FM transmitter and holder offers the outstanding convenience of an all-in-one solution on the road.

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It’s improved FM transmission delivers crisp, clean audio performance for an unsurpassed listening experience in your car. A built-in FM transmitter wirelessly connects to your car stereo on FM channels, from 88.1MHz-107.9MHz.

You can listen to your iPod player quickly through your car stereo with this FM Transmitter. The holder secures your iPod and fits various iPod models.

  • All-in-one FM transmitter plays iPod tunes wirelessly through the FM radio in your car.
  • FM transmitter provides crisp high, deep low tones
  • Outside the car, transmits iPod tunes to FM radios up to 15 feet away.
  • Got the power from the car (no extra battery needed)

How to use:

  • Insert plug-in part in the cigarette lighter socket in your car to get the power.
  • Connect 3.5mm connector to your music device.
  • Turn on both radio in your car & music device.
  • Select the best frequency among pre-set four channels & enjoy vivid music altogether.